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This week will be killer busy at the lab, with a bunch of long experiments, a course assignment to be handed in, and some bioinformatics work to do. I feel even more pressured as everything needs to be done by Thursday afternoon which is when we leave to Boston for the 4-day weekend. Yay!


I need to put together a road trip music list which means going through the thousands of songs I have in my iTunes. It sounds like fun, but I have a feeling it’s not really.


I also need to figure out where we’re staying during our trip to the South of France this summer. I dread talking on the phone in French especially to people whose accent there’s a good chance I won’t understand. (I’m trying to get D’s sister to do that for me)


I’ve spent a good part of my weekend browsing through Axioo.com, a wedding photography website, one that is right up there in the Top 3 as far as my preferences go. I can’t have enough of their photos! The colors, the poses, the post processing, it’s MADNESS!

Here, look.








Oh, before I forget: Pioneer Woman is having a new photography assignment. The theme is GREEN. Here are the details.

I’ve submitted this one today.


08 Feb 2010


So go on, submit your own!

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  • Those are really adorable photos.
    I love your GREEN photo! 😀

  • Love those photos! You are so lucky to be going to France this summer. I am so very jealous. You will have to take loads of pictures. Have fun on your upcoming trip to Boston.

  • That one with the short yellow dress is just so beautiful! Love!



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