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Mary Jo wrote a post a few days ago about granny bags being back in style. And oh boy did this bring back memories…


When I was about 4 or 5 my Grandma would come to our house to babysit me while my parents were at work and that my friends, was the jackpot for me! You all know how Grandmas are, all sweet and loving, tending to their grandchildren’s every whim, nurturing, kissing boo-boos, preparing food and in my case, helping with getting into Mom’s clothes.


I guess I loved fashion since embryonic day 1 because there was no greater pleasure for me as a kid than to strut around the house wearing my Mom’s dresses and shoes. My Grandma knew this and of course wanted to indulge her only (at that time) granddaughter. So when Mom left to the hospital at noon, my Granny would pick me in her arms and would take me to the balcony to wave Mom goodbye. And also, make sure she left. As soon as she was around the corner, the coast was clear and THE PARTY COULD BEGIN!


Then the dresses, blouses, scarves – let’s not forget about them, the shoes and the skirts would come out and I would metamorphose into a princess. Oh and what fun I had! Trying on different outfits, twirling, making pirouettes, long skirts, how I loved those, and the sound of the heels on the floors. No, not the squeaky sound of a “dislocated” heel which unfortunately for Mom happened to most of her shoes that I also loved. The sound of the heels on the floor was so “lady-like” to me, none of my rubber-soled shoes did that. I so vividly remember a pair of camel Mary Janes, 70s style, that were just gorgeous, and somehow my 4 year old self knew that, they were my favourite pair. See? what did I tell you about being a fashionista from E1?


All this took place for quite a while and I was happy as a clam when Mom left for work because it meant I got to play dress up. Until one day when she unexpectedly came back. It started raining and she came back for her umbrella. BUSTED! The way my Grandma told me the story, though, she didn’t seem very upset. I guess if I was in her shoes (which I was back then, literally) I wouldn’t have been upset if I caught my daughter wearing my clothes. I would head straight for the camera, because such a sight makes for some pretty darn cute pictures!



[Picture by Tonya Joy]

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  • That’s a very cute story. So your grandmother is to blame for your obsession with fashion, eh? ^_^


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