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Tea Party city (II)

This is actually not a story about Boston – the title is there just for continuity, but about our one day trip to NYC while we were visiting Boston. I know! it sounds like we were cheating!

Well anyway, NYC turned out to be much chillier and windier than Boston, and the fact that I had a cold because of the AC in our hotel room (don’t ask!) didn’t contribute to the success of the trip. Here’s the rest of the reasons.


We left Boston at around 10, got to NYC at 2, drove around Queens for 40 minutes trying to find a subway station near which we could park the car, then finally took an express train to Manhattan and were on 5th Av and 42nd street at around 3pm. How’s that for a great day so far?


Next we went looking for the 42nd Street Photo camera store because we wanted to buy a 30mm 1.4 lens. D didn’t even bother writing down the address, he just knew it was on 5th Av. and assumed – judging by the name, at 42nd street. But, surprise! it was actually on 35th street. How much sense does that make?


It was already 4-ish after all the camera store fuss, we were getting hungry, cold and in desperate need to use the facilities. So we entered the first decent-looking restaurant we found, grabbed some Aussie burgers and a hot tea for me and things began looking much better. Although, at around 5 when we ventured outside again the sun was setting, the wind was even colder and our flimsy coats were of no help.


So we stepped in the first (of many) H&Ms we saw in search of some warmer attire. By that time I was starting to have a bit of a fever I think, because I was shivering and I dreamt of fleecy parkas, woollen cardigans and mittens. Unfortunately  the only warm thing we could find among the mountains of flowery, silky tops and breezy dresses were some hooded sweatshirts in the men’s department. I bought a navy one and D bought a very masculine, raw, orange one. Like squeeze-the-juice-from-that-orange orange!


[He has this thing about wearing saturated coloured clothes. If the colours are a little bit on the faded side, they’re automatically dismissed as unhappy colours. Don’t even get me started about the amount of convincing I had to do to change his mind about not buying a pair of peacock iridescent blue sneakers when we were in France.]


Anyway, after 30+ minutes in H&M we went to Central Park, hoping to get some pictures of the blossoming trees, but at 6pm the light was not exactly the best, my head was about to explode and my muscles felt like I had just given up heroin after a 5 year-long addiction. So we decided to call it a day and a ruined trip and head back to Boston. At this point we were actually hoping we’d still find the car undamaged which we did and are very grateful for, because that neighbourhood looked very perpetrator-friendly. I slept in the car during the entire drive back, which I almost never do.


To wrap it up, we went to NY for a lens, two burgers and two H&M sweatshirts. Awesome.

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  • Oh man. That’s a remarkable bummer. I get how you feel. Back when the BF and I started dating we went on a trip to NYC and Boston. It was lovely, but as soon as I stepped into Boston I fell ill. To the point where I had to spend an entire day in bed with chills and all. Then, I had a visit from … ehem, mother nature. Imagine how happy and delighted I was. NYC is pretty cool, but that thing about addresses and actual locations of places can bite you. Hope you are doing well now and have recovered from the nasty cold. I was lurking around your flickr pics. They are AWESOME!

  • Thank you Alex for the sweet comment on my blog today. I totally have been in that need warm clothes but there’s only summer clothes available in the store situation so many times – not sure why. Even now I look for sweaters (i’m always cold) and can’t find them. Although I did snag a super thick sweatshirt hoodie at the Gap this weekend. Hope you find a great new place soon and can settle in. My fingers are crossed for you!!

    xo Mary Jo

  • That sucks dude. 🙁 I caught the plague in Ireland and it totally destroyed my trip too. Try for a do-over?


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