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Life, universe and everything

Today I…

– woke up at 6 am.

– worked from 6:30 am to 7 pm.

– have hands that smell like latex gloves. D hates it and can smell it 5 miles away.

– went to a seminar and listened to a scientist guy that was not only pretty awesome research-wise but also made a few well-placed, geeky but still appreciated jokes.

– cut my bangs because I don’t have time to go to a salon. They came out pretty short. I’ll have to improvise something tomorrow morning when I wake up and don’t recognize the person staring back at me from the other side of the mirror.

– processed some pictures. Photoshop is my friend.

– was amazed to see lots of blossomed tulips in the gardens on our street.

– wished we had more episodes of 30 Rock we could watch, but we saw them all.

– realized I like using Liz Lemon’s “I want to go to there” even if people think I’m crazy or that I don’t know how to use prepositions.

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  • Wow that’s one long work day! I am sure your bangs will grow out pretty fast too don’t worry. I had a friend who did that too and it all worked out.

  • I have to tell you, I was never really a “30 Rock” fan until this year. But my schedule has allowed me to watch more frequently and I’m loving it.

    P.S. Good for you if you can get up early and exercise. I’ve never been able to do it, so I’m the guy that is running in his neighborhood at 11 o’clock at night.

  • I have become such a “30 Rocker” that I’ve begun copying Liz Lemon’s dance moves as part of my workout routine. I still have 113 pounds to go, but I’m down by 30. Thank you, Tina Fey!

    I didn’t get into the show until last season because I’ve been working a second-shift police beat schedule for the last five years. But thanks to the miracles of DVR and a brief tenure on day shift, I watched the “Generalissimo” episode and fell madly in love. First came love, second came three seasons of DVD sets and then there was my going to the opening night of “Date Night” in one of my Liz Lemon-esque outfits. I already dressed like her even before I became a rabid fan of the show, so it was no big stretch 🙂

    This can’t be the same feeling the other “30 Rockers” get, but for me, I see so much of myself in Liz Lemon. Chaotic work life. Balancing out crazies above and below you. Then, there’s the futile attempt at having a personal life on top of it all. That usually blows all to hell, too. What’s worse? All of it colliding!


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