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Yo, Mother Nature, take a chill pill!

What was up with the crap you pulled yesterday, huh? Aren’t we, the inhabitants of Canadian territories, sufficiently oppressed weather-wise? Why do you torment us with snow storms at the end of April? THE END OF APRIL! After the magnolias, forsythias and tulips have blossomed…


I don’t want to call you the B word because who knows what you might do if you get pissed enough. You might make a volcano erupt in the middle of the city, like in that movie with Tommy Lee Jones. “This IS my happy face!”. No, the other movie. So no, I won’t call you that name rhyming with “itch” although I think you deserve it. Just when I was thinking “this was a good winter by Canadian standards” and “thank God for warmer weather because the lack of UV rays was messing with my brain” you throw in a snow storm, for old times sake, just to prove that you still got it.


This is the view from our balcony. Those white blobs were not photoshopped in.




The funny thing is that although D told me it was going to snow yesterday I didn’t believe him. Who would believe a guy who shows you his weather application from his phone as a proof? Plus I was wearing silky, breezy tops on Sunday, how can it go from 25°C to 0°C in one day? That’s preposterous! And yet, on Tuesday the flakes came down like it was three days till Christmas. But it doesn’t end there: it’s supposed to be 18°C this weekend. Yeah, that’s right. Put Mother Nature in the loony bin.


For once I actually felt privileged when I read Dooce’s post mentioning weather in Salt Lake City. Judging from her posts only, I figured Utah and Montreal get pretty similar weather patterns. Long winters in Salt Lake? Think that the mercury will hit the ground if it continues to go down? Feel like you’re going crazy if you have to endure another day of frozen hell? SAME HERE. When Heather said they announced another snow storm in Utah for this week, I thought to myself “Well, for once Montreal is having it good. Winter is long gone from these here parts.” Well, WRONG AGAIN, missy!


Oh my! Look at all the caps I’ve used… I think I might be in the need for a chill pill myself. Either that or go the bed really early tonight because all this weather talk is exhausting!

I hope you guys are having better weather in your part of the globe.

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  • I heard about the snow in Ottawa. It’s been absolutely amazing where I live—I don’t think it’s rained in a week (a rare thing for England) and lots of sun. The result? All the pasty-white inhabitants here have sunburn, lol!

  • You poor thing! But, as I live in Minnesota I understand your pain. We have had an amazing spring. All the snow melted at the end of March. Absurd, but I will take it.

  • Where in Canada are you? I heard about snow in Alberta…I’m in Onterrible, and I didn’t see anything!


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