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My newest music obsession – Elisapie Isaac

As I was perusing through the racks of cute clothes in Boutique Onze I heard a really awesome song from the CD that was playing in the background.

I memorized the lyrics

I wish you, I wish you hope,

I wish you love and tenderness

I wish you strength, I wish you dreams

And happiness…

and when I got home I googled it and was led to Elisapie Isaac’s webpage.

She’s a Canadian singer, with Inuit roots and a great voice. She lanuched her first solo album There will be stars in 2009 in Montreal. Her songs are in English, French and Inuit, a mixture of folk and pop, with innocent and feminine tones.


The song from the store was Wish Song, her tribute to Leonard Cohen. It’s one of my favorites from the album but unfortunately it’s nowhere to be found on YouTube. But here’s another favorite of mine, Butterfly. I just love the rhythm of this one.


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