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Belated memories from Provence

Hello? Can you hear me? Is this thing on?

Before you say anything, I know my last post dates back to the first Ice Age. My mind has been in so many places lately, divided between bits of thoughts and worries and various stress causes. And the blog has been neglected. But, BUT! not abandoned. See?


Actually I must thank my sister for pushing me to write. I’ve started writing this because she wrote me a message today asking to please write something on this blog of mine because she’s getting so bored and is in need of something to read.


Well, I’m not exactly in the mood for tale telling, but I know I’ve promised you guys some pictures from the South of France. So here they are, some belated photos from one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


First of all, Nice, where the sea is a greenish blue so saturated that you think it’s been photoshopped.



There’s a certain charm to the city which urges you to leave your troubles behind and invites you to just stroll down the streets and enjoy the salty air. I wonder what it would be like to live in one of the apartment buildings on Promenade des Anglais and to see the Mediterranean outside your window?



Also along the coast is Marseille, which I found dirty and crowded and so un-holiday-like. But I admired its buildings and wished I could stay longer to visit Chateau d’If and remember my childhood readings about Edmond Dantes.



We then headed North, towards the heart of Provence and its old capital, the city of Aix where people speak French with a funny accent we couldn’t help but imitate. We strolled along Cours Mirabeau, a busy boulevard lined with tree arcades and bought lavender sachets from the merchants in the market. We then ventured into the intricate street maze that is the Old Aix. I could have spent hours on end photographing every street corner and every fountain we passed by.



The most beautiful of all was Place d’Albertas. With its decrepit fountain in the middle and the classic pastel buildings in the background it’s so picture perfect.



Another small detail I love about France is the merry-go-rounds that pop up when you least expect it. A whirl of color that invites me to hop on for a ride… and take out my camera of course.




After we left Aix, we headed to the plateau of Valensole, a truly amazing place, where the air is heavy with the scent of grass and lavender. And where as far as the eyes can see there are olive trees and purple fields.






On our way back we passed through a small town in the Alps where you could take a ride in… you’ll never guess it…



Sadly our trip lasted for only ten days. Much too short, yes. Who would I have to talk to for a redo?

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  • Beaauuuutiful pictures! I lived in the South of France for about a month and these make me miss it so much.

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