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The Kraken

D has been testing our new TV & its sound system for two days now. So he’s been playing the beginning of The Clash of the Titans (don’t ask!) for ummm… 10 gazillion times now, especially the intro part when that chick tells us what happened to the Titans and Zeus and the other guys*.

Fast forward to the moment when Zeus and Hades are arguing, close to the end. And I swear, I’ve never heard a most horrendous line than the one when Ralph Fiennes says “the Kraken” four times in the same sentence. His pronunciation of the word is nauseating. I can’t decide what would be less traumatizing: listening to him say “the Kraken” over and over again or watching The English Patient from start to finish…


* do not let my apparent ignorance fool you. I used to love reading Greek mythology when I was a kid and still do. But this movie was SO BAD I could not bring myself to write something about it without resorting to sarcasm. Beside the bad acting, what makes the movie catastrophic is that the Kraken is not even Greek, it`s Norwegian.

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