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A better word for bitching. Because, let’s be honest, I am very good at it.

The main woe source is the fact that my vacation is over and I’m already planning my next one. Can we fast forward to Christmas break already? As it happens every time I come back from Europe, I am very jet lagged. But in a good way. This means I go to sleep at 6-7pm and wake up at 5-6 am. Wait! How may hours of sleep is that? 5, 6, 7, 8, oh dear, I’ve lost count already. The sheer number is mind boggling, at least for a perpetually sleep-deprived person like myself!


So yes, I am happy with my new eat-sleep-work routine. And I’ll do my absolute best to make it last as long as possible. Even if it means cutting all communication with the outside world. SLEEP TRUMPS EVERYTHING ELSE! (Okay, maybe with a few exceptions…). In fact this will be my new mantra. Seriously, why don’t I own this poster already?


I'd Rather Be Sleeping


And so the woes begin… First with a 4-hour trip to IKEA which obviously goes waaay past my unorthodox bedtime. It was around 8pm yesterday and I was pushing a trolley through aisle #22 when we realized they didn’t have the ALWIDALNLASJ* table we wanted.  In that precise moment I gave up the idea of having an actual dining table. Eating like evolved human beings, as opposed to the Neanderthal-like way we eat now – that is, assuming Neanderthals ate on their computer desk while watching reruns of 30 Rock or Top Gear – is so over-rated!


And it goes on. At around 9:30pm, after we deposited the boxes over the crap that’s piled and scattered all over the apartment (yes, we still haven’t unpacked!) I decided to take a shower while D returned the U-HAUL van. Ten minutes later, I was curling under the covers, enjoying the AC breeze and slowly drifting away to Dream Land. All of a sudden the phone rings. I knew it must be D because who else would call at that insanely ridiculous hour!

So I get out of bed, trip several times on God knows what that’s been lying on the floor since the Crusades, answer the phone, only to realize D has hung up. I call back. Do you know why he called me in the first place? To tell me he found a supermarket on his way home and wanted to ask if I wanted something, but then realized it was closed so hung up after two rings. I know some of you will say “how thoughtful and sweet of him!”. Yes, sweet, but WRONG! Luckily for both of us it seems that nowadays I can sleep like a bear shot with a triple dose of tranquilizers, so no harm done, really.


Another woe source is this obnoxious heat wave that has hit all of North America. And when you add to it the sticky wetness in Montreal, you’re in for a real treat… where treat equals an extra 7°C. 38°C feels like 45°C. Stepping outside becomes the equivalent of treading through a boiling swamp. If you’re uninspired enough to wear jeans, prepare to lug around three pounds more attached to your legs in the form of sweat absorbed by said unfortunate pants. Seriously, who woulda thunk that Canada CANADA! would be so hot?


Now that the woes have been expressed, let me tell you about the stuff that makes me happy. Two letters: AC! Aren’t they the most beautiful ones in the alphabet? And also, 50GB of pictures from the South of France which I am going to process this weekend.


Prepare for some tales and pictures from Provence in the following posts!


*Not an actual IKEA product.

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  • Having lived in England, the thing I’ve realised about Canada (or rather, Ontario) is that it’s a rather uncomfortable place to live in comparison. The winters are really, really cold, and the summers are really, really hot. I almost never had AC growing up (and in fact, our house was old so there was no centralised heating/cooling), but I remember adapting.

    But now, after having lived abroad in one of the world’s most mild climates (always drizzly), I’ve just realised how bothersome Canadian weather can be.

  • Have I ever told you how I looove how you write. I’m evil, I do want your best and for you to never have to bitch about something, but you do it so well! Anyway, I envy your AC. I think you two were lucky to come to the SOF earlier cause now at 33 degrees C I fell like 45 in Craiova and that seems bliss ’cause it wasn’t this wet…

    We went up a cliff yesterday towards the mountains, my God! NO WIND, not a wisp, horrible. So I envy your two letters. Also because a ventilator would’ve been enough, but guess what! They ALL had this idea=> result: it’s been 2 freakin’weeks of 26 degrees at night and 35 every day and the ventilators in the shops disappear like ‘petits pains’…

    So we aren’t jet lagged but just as sleep deprived….

    Thus, I’ve been there is suited to end this bit ..

    Thanks for Liz Gilbert too, Just what I needed. You’re becoming my lit guru if you keep it up !:)


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