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Chic Sundays: fall fashion – olive and plum

Whether we want it or not, fall is coming soon. Here in Montreal it’s already a bit cooler and I’m starting to see a few yellow leaves. But it’s not all bad when it comes to autumn… This year I’m looking forward to going to an apple orchard, taking pictures with the orange&yellow foliage as decor, pumpkin pie, and also, the great fall trends.

I’m kind of stuck on plum and olive for now, combined with more neutral tones like beige and gray for balance. I’m desperate for the perfect beige raincoat which would make any outfit seem so proper, chic and pulled together…


Autumn trends - olive and plum


Comments (3)

  • I love plum! I’m excited if it is in this season. It works on me and is a bit more interesting than just going for the regular old earth tones. I am so not looking forward to the warm weather ending. Cold does not suit me well.

  • that middle dress is so adorable. i bet it does wonders for the body! great round up of olive and plum, i do say…

  • OMG how cute! I love that top on the left, with the flower appliques! And I agree with Elissa, the middle dress is absolutely gorgeous.


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