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Pesky kids

The idea for this post came to me when I was buying  some superglue. You’ll soon see why.


My Mom always told me she is somewhat relieved that she had girls and not boys. No frogs and snails and puppy dog tails… It would have been too much for my mother’s nerves. She got two girls, but that didn’t mean she could put on her party hat just yet. My parents got their fair share of misbehaving, shouts, cries and fights from us two.

My sister and I used to fight a lot and I mean A LOT when we were growing up. Our personalities were so different and would often go clashing with each other. Actually clashing might not be a strong enough term. Swatting each other. Yes, that’s better. I’m surprised my parents didn’t consider selling us to a circus where we could kick and scream at each other for a living. But I digress. All this to say that beside the slight damage to my Mom’s sanity we didn’t destroy anything else. We didn’t burn the house down or punch each other through walls. On the other hand, D and his older sister, C did damage a wee bit more than just their parents’ patience.


(*) One time, D must have been five or six, his Mom told him she would take him to the hairdresser later that day, his curly locks in dire need of some trimming. But seven-year old C came up with a plan. Why pay a hairdresser a lot of money when cutting someone’s hair seemed like such an easy job? So she proposed that she cut D’s hair and they split the unspent money between them.

When D’s Mom came back from work she found her little boy with a zigzag hairdo and cuts and bruises on his forehead. His new hairdresser did not have a steady hand! To this day my mother-in-law thanks the Almighty that her son came out of that adventure with both his eyes in their respective sockets.


(†) My favourite story from D’s childhood should be called Dancing in the Rain. The two kids must have been around seven. One night their parents went to visit their downstairs neighbours. The kids were home alone, I assume also a bit bored and with a gnawing question on their minds: what would it be like if it rained inside the apartment?

So they put on their raincoats, D put a hose at the bathroom sink faucet and they made it rain! They made it rain so badly that the downstairs neighbours started seeing the results on their ceiling. Not knowing what was going on upstairs the parents quickly came back only to find the carpets floating in water two-inch deep. Did I mention it was winter time?


(‡) Now, the superglue story. Maybe D was trying to get back at C for all the chasing around the house she put him through, or maybe for the haircut incident ;). Somehow he convinced C that it would be a fun to see what happens if your toes were stuck together. So he superglued them! As he was telling me the story he was LMAO-ing LHAO-ing because, he said, it was funny to see C struggling to walk. Of course it was, her sense of balance was a little bit on the screwed-up side…


Now when we get together and reminisce about all this it’s so great to see us all laughing even if we’ve heard the stories hundreds of times before. It’s one of those moments when you’re grateful for the sibling that sometimes made your life Hell but who’s also responsible for all these moments of AWESOME!


* † ‡: No kids were harmed (very seriously) during the events detailed in this post.

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