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Blur lover

“J’adore le flou”(*) said my photographer friend Caroline. I must say, I feel the same way – the blur I go after in photographs is so… magical! I especially love it when lights turn into perfectly round bokeh circles.

That’s why I was super excited when I spent 3 hours in Old Montreal shooting with a tilt-shift. This is the result.










(*) I love blur.

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  • these turned out great! hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  • Beautiful photos! I love them!

  • Here I am, drooling over your absolutely fab photos. I showed them to my BF because he’s been to Montreal and to Paris (I’ve only been to Paris) and I love the Metropolitain sign. It is SO cute! I remember seeing it in Paris and feeling like I was in a movie or something similar. It felt surreal.

  • Hi, there! I just so happen to stumble upon your blog and I’m glad I did so. Bookmarking immediately. 🙂 I love your photos and I must add… I’m quite envious as to where you live! It must be beautiful there.

    Oh, and I love blur as well. 🙂


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