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First snow!

Well, okay, second snow. But the first one was a bit of a joke because it only lasted for a few hours and stood no chance of sticking to the ground. So it doesn’t count. But tonight, oh man! It’s been snowing since maybe 4pm and there are over 5 inches on the ground. As usual even I am feeling a little bit of excitement at the beginning, but my enthusiasm will surely melt away as the snow refuses to do the same.

D is a bit hyped about shoveling the front and back balconies, although I’m pretty sure his hyper state will be reduced to a more mellow variety as winter settles in and he will have to do this twice a week.

For now we’re just marveling at the blizzard outside, at the incredible quantities of fluffy snow falling from the skies and staying warm inside with the feet propped up on the heater. If I could purr, I would…

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