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Two(ish) presents a day–2010 gift guide–days 10-13

I’ve decided to publish a gift guide for this holiday season. So every day till December 20th I will be posting two (or more) gift ideas. I hope you enjoy it!

For reading the full guide click here.

Life was hectic these last few days which you should take as an explanation for the lack of posting but I’m hoping to get back on track now with regular blogging and the gift guide.

Wooden stamp set – love mail, AUD$24.95 from KikkiK.

31_love mail wooden stamp set

Allure Homme, by Chanel. My absolute favorite fragrance for men.

42_chanel allure homme

Leaf-it! The new post-it, $28 from DesignBoom.

34_leaf it

Yellow rose China bowl, $30 from Clay, Wood and Cotton.

18_yellow rose china bowl

Bags poster, £31.00 from Keep Calm Gallery.

17_Bags poster

“you are beautiful” pencils, $10 for a set of 6, from Prismera Design.

01_you are beautiful pencils

Nourishing Lavender Milk, $30 from Terrain. I would buy this for the label alone, not to mention that I love lavender…

10_nourishing lavender milk by farmesthetics

Macausland’s blanket, £145.00 from Toast. Wouldn’t you like to have some eggnog with your legs cuddled up in this woolly heaven?

11_macauslands blanket

Butterfly necklace, $38 from Blue Hour Designs.

13_butterfly necklace

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  • I remember you posting about those pencils before! Or maybe they were just similar, but I love them. I also adore those stamps.


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