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Chic Sundays: Natalie Portman for Vogue

I hope it came as no surprise to anyone, I really loved Black Swan and you can read my review here. As a photographer, and lover of all things ethereal dreamy and out of this world, I am so very much in love with this editorial from the January issue of Vogue featuring Natalie Portman.

This is the Behind the Scenes video. What a great, great location!

natalie-portman vogue black swan natalie-portman vogue black swan 3

natalie-portman vogue black swan 1

natalie-portman vogue black swan 2

Comments (2)

  • Wow, beautiful! I keep saying one day I want to wear a gown and feel like a princess. Ok, sorry about that little admission. I guess that’s why all these magazines sell.

  • FLAWLESS photos, Alexandria! Absolutely STUNNING!

    A woman I work with just told me about this film and said it’s wonderful!

    I GOTTA see it soon!


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