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Endearing, not annoying

[conversation about what we would eat for dinner today and tomorrow]

D: … And tomorrow can we go out for sushi?

Me: NO! I don’t want sushi anymore! I’m sick of it. I can’t stand it. I’ll go with you if you want and you can have some, but I’m not eating sushi.

D: Ever again?!

Me: No, just for a while.

D: A while, like in… say… a day? More like 25 hours maybe?

Me: *face palm*

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  • 🙂 I imagined what face palm is, but decided Google will prove me right…it did, so my expressions list just grew a bit.

    And for the anecdote : :D. If we’ve just eaten and I ask G any sort of question related to food, what we might eat someday, what I might cook up tomorrow evening, I get a “Oh, God, please don’t talk about food, I can’t hear about it after I’ve just eaten”. I am now perfectly trained to avoid this…. Spouses are endearing indeed in the way knowing them attaches us to them.

  • Mmm. sushi… how can you say no?


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