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Dear all

Thanks so much for all your comments, guys! I promise I will return them. I visit your blogs everyday but I haven’t found the time to just sit down and write thoughtful comments to your posts. But I will. Soon. I promise. Just bear with me.

In the meantime, here’s something funny. I saw this cute Valentine card yesterday.

On the front it had a funny scientist dressed in a lab coat, who was saying: “I mixed a cute butt, gorgeous eyes, a kind heart and a great sense of humor and you know what I got?”

When you opened it, on the inside part it said: “Me! (Boy, did you hit the jackpot or what?!) Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful husband.”

I know it’s a bit cheesy but it made me smile. And had I found it a few days earlier, I would have bought it for D. Even if we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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  • What an adorable card!! 🙂


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