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That’s a tad much, Kim!

Since I don’t watch TV at all, the first time I found out about Kim Kardashian was when I saw some nude pictures of hers from the W magazine a few days ago. The first expression on my face after seeing her silver paint covered butt was a mixture of “ewwww” and “oh! the horror!” but at the same time I just couldn’t avert my eyes, it was like seeing a car crash on the freeway – I didn’t like it but I just. couldn’t. look. away…

I’m not going to get into why the public demands or why the media gives these multi-head­ed Hydras of Narcissism yet more attention. It makes me question the sanity and sustainabi­lity of America more than anything else as it slowly sets the base of an imminent intellectu­al Chernobyl disaster.

What I will point out is the fact that as a woman, I find Kim’s body utterly unappealing, borderline ridiculous. I know men and women have different tastes in terms of what type of female figure they like – most women want to be supermodel skinny despite the fact that men want them with a bit of meat on their bones. I am aware of this, which is why I am very curious to know men’s opinion on the matter – guys, do you like Kim’s tushie? [This use of “tushie” HAS GOT to be the biggest euphemism ever used!]

Don’t get me wrong, though, I think a curvy bod’ is extremely sexy, and I do not, under any circumstance advocate twiggy, anorexic silhouettes. However a beautiful figure should be harmonious and balanced, regardless if it’s skinny, muscular or curvy. Now you tell me, how can a 20 lbs ass on a (so she says) 117 lbs body be graceful? It’s like attaching a cherry on a toothpick and calling it aerodynamic. 

Maybe I’m overreacting, and she doesn’t look as bad in real life, but that picture from W is just awful! And the gray paint was a wrong move, W people! It makes her back look even more like an elephant’s.

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  • “I’m not going to get into why the public demands or why the media gives these multi-head­ed Hydras of Narcissism yet more attention.” Best. Line. Ever!

    I just saw a rerun last weekend where the family was driving Khloe to a jail where she was to serve her DUI sentence. The mom was really stressed out and Kim kept on snapping pictures of herself and checking herself out. At one point in the drive, the mom actually told her “stop taking picture of yourself Kim, you sister is going to jail!”. Self absorbed much? LOLs

  • I’m thinking maybe that was the point, and they were having fun at her expense?

  • I don’t dislike it. Plenty of women have less attractive butts than her. Plenty of women are less attractive, overall, than her.

    The funny thing about celebrity-dom is that people end up being either excessively praising or excessively harsh. There are plenty of beautiful celebrities, but on a typical day, I’ll see plenty of beautiful pedestrians as well. On the other end of the spectrum, a lot of celebrities end up taking a lot of flak—I don’t understand people who describe Kardashian or Paris Hilton (another example) as ugly; undeserving of their celebritydom, perhaps. But ugly? Pu-leeze.

    > I’m not going to get into why the public demands or
    > why the media gives these multi-head­ed Hydras of Narcissism yet more attention.

    Well…we’re naturally curious about celebrities and ‘beautiful’ people. We’re curious about scandal and glitz and glamour.

    > It makes me question the sanity and sustainabi­lity of America

    I’m not sure why you think that’s significant. Do you think people in Britain or France are any less attracted to these issues? I’ve seen first hand how many British girls read tabloid trash (I’d say even moreso than American girls).

    America’s doing plenty well. Research and educational output hasn’t taken a severe downturn with the introduction of Kim Kardashian. Personally, I don’t like her and I don’t condone obsessing about celebrity culture—but to me, it’s perfectly normal; it’s just human nature.

  • Personally, I find the emulation of any reality star ridiculous.
    On the positive side, Kim Kardashian does have a healthier body than most celebs. If you saw her in real life, you would understand that her curves are not as large as what they make them appear to be. I really think she is beautiful.

  • My wife is obsessed with “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “Chloe and Kim in New York.” She made me watch the episode where Kim was all upset about the “W” shoot. It was freaking ridiculous and she was carrying on like a child. Geez, she ought to be mad at her Manager…wait a second, that’s her mom. LOL. She’s beautiful, but that particular shoot was definitely a bad decision.

  • I don’t like the photos, but I think she’s beautiful. Can you imagine receiving the amount of criticism she does? Yeah, she chooses to be a reality TV figure etc, but she’s still a woman, and no woman isn’t at least a little uncomfortable having her body constantly stared at through a magnifying glass.

  • Every woman`s body is beautiful, bla bla bla… but I thought she was totally against posing nude and all of this stuff

    I remember watching or reading an article about her and how she said she wanted to get past all that sex tape stuff.

    Also, I kind of envy her butt but I do see your point about it being out of proportion. I would however, like a little extra padding on my butt…


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