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Life, universe and everything

What would Spock do?

Last week D&I were lying on the couch having one of those deep conversations about well, Life, Universe and Everything. At one point I happened to ask him whether he could do the Live long and prosper sign.

Live_Long_and_Prosper Spock

He could. But then blurted out “You long, I’ll just prosper”. I was a bit thunder struck for a few seconds, because a) how could I have missed this? Was it possible this man I’ve known for more than 7 years didn’t know what Spock was saying? and b) I was calculating the shortest route from the couch to my laptop so I could blog about this epic moment. I told him that, you know, there is NO COMMA between live and long and he said yes, he knew there isn’t one, it was a joke. Touché, Monsieur! It was a pretty good play on words (of sorts).

However for the sake of this post, it would have been a lot funnier if it weren’t a joke. Ironically.

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  • Another Star Trek lover. Yes, I can do the Live long and Prosper sign with my hand. This seems like an important ability if going to Comicon or a bowling alley on a Friday night.

  • Funny you posted this because I was walking around work a day last week doing this sign with my hand; asking everyone if they could also do it.

    I was amazed at how many could NOT.


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