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I have proof

In case you didn’t believe me about the snow on the 21st of March. Here you go!

winter march 2011 street

winter march 2011 bike

winter march 2011 staircasewinter march 2011 window

Much as I hate winter, I have to admit that when I came back from the lab on Monday, the whole city was a fairytale. So I took my camera and stepped outside for 5 minutes. I’m so glad I managed to capture these because I took no pictures of the snow this year and until this week I was a bit disappointed… since we get so much of it around here. (I could say the same thing about me not knowing how to ski which is downright embarrassing really, but given my adversity for cold weather, let’s just be happy I don’t lock myself inside for 4 months).

In case you were wondering these were taken with a 58 mm f/1.2 on a Canon 5D.

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  • Those pictures are amazing. We got about 6 inches today. I’m really getting tired of the snow.

  • Those pictures are amazing. I’m just so tired of the snow no matter how magical looking.

  • STUNNING photos, Alexandra!

    I love winter (and snow), so these images really touched me.

    We’re suppose to be getting snow this weekend also. Isn’t March weird for weather? April can be too.

  • your pictures are misleading. they make snow look wonderful. i am currently hunkered down in NFLD anticipating hurricane force winds and a raging blizzard tomorrow. ugh.

  • Strange…I’m not a big fan of the bokeh on that lens. Instead of looking creamy smooth, the background looks like it’s moved. I’ve never seen that before.

  • Candice, Ron – I know it sounds mean, but I’m glad there are other parts of the world out there experiencing cold weather in March. I have the Paris weather on my iPhone and it’s killing me to see how they get 15 degree C, 20 degrees above what we’re getting.
    Phil – to tell yo the truth I’m not a big fan of the bokeh either. The lens is much better for close range focus like in portraits for ex. In these photos I focused quite far so maybe that’s why… dunno… This is the vintage lens D adapted for the Canon 5D. I’m liking it, as I said for portraits, but it’s pretty hard to maneuver, I find. Also, the lens is a bit longer in the part that reaches inside the camera a bit, especially when you focus at a distance and it hits the mirror! Maybe this contributes to less than perfect bokeh as well. We’ll probably get a Canon 50mm f/1.2 to have autofocus and just sell this one.


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