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  • You are completely right. These are words to live by, especially the part about ordering a ridiculous dessert at the end.
    I linked back to your site in my most recent post. Highlighted an Etsy shop you turned me on to back in December.

  • […] (Look at how pretty my ramblings about Kate Hudson and facebook look when someone who is talented frames them on their blog! So talented! Thank you Alexandra) The freshest in culture. Featured on PopPressed U.K. Artist Finn Stone Revamps A Pair of Stilettos With Legos LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  • Oh so true! You know, I’m sad and depressed because of my job search, but I swear, I was 2x more depressed when I was on facebook. That’s why I deleted my account. It turned me and others into high school kids, 10 years after the fact. I haven’t looked back. I may not have the most fabulous or glam life ever, but it’s mine. I don’t need to envy other people’s lives or what they do or do not have. I’ll post this everywhere from now on. Thank you for these words. They are very welcomed.


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