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For lack of anything else…

It seems I am experiencing a mild case of the writer’s block. We’re really busy here my better half and I – mostly work, planning holidays, enjoying spring (finally!) so you will forgive me if I have neglected my little corner of the blogosphere. But here’s a realization: I haven’t put my bitch face on in a while. So I think it’s time to freshen that memory, amiright? For lack of anything else, let the complaining begin!

  • First thing in the morning, my nerves usually get trampled on by the guy who feeds all the pigeons in a one mile radius around the lab where I work. I think I’ve already written about my utter abhorrence of these winged rats that have infested the city… Most likely due to the senile old men who feed them bread crumbs and sunflower seeds. I swear the pigeons in this city have gotten so lazy they don’t fly anymore. They’re not scared of anything. When you’re near them, they just do a pathetic walk/wing flutter and almost don’t even bother getting out of your way. Multiply this by twenty (that’s how many birds are gathered around for their breakfast), and you’ll get an idea of what I go through every morning when I go to work.
  • During the last two days, I’ve seen the same lady on the metro ride home. She gets off at the same stop as I, and while going up the stairs from the platform to street level, she reads a book. There wouldn’t be anything wrong with this, except it’s rush hour, the metros are full, the stations are full and so are the staircases. You can feel people literally breathing down your neck, there’s shoving and pushing and everybody is struggling to walk in the same rhythm as the (more or less) angry mob. And she’s reading! Irritated commuters mutter under their breath and go around her, sometimes people (accidentally) bump into her but she doesn’t seem to mind at all. Isn’t she afraid she’ll trip and embarrass herself in front of the 5 o’clock commuters when she sprawls on the concrete passage way? Beats me. I will say one more thing, though. That must be one interesting book!
  • My last woe – mildly put because this is making me (even more) anti-social. What is up with all those teenagers that are asking for money? In supermarkets, on the street, they even come to your house. The first day we moved into our apartment, there was this 14-year old who knocked on our living room window and asked if we would help her gather the money for her class trip to the US somewhere. SERIOUSLY?! How about getting a job instead of begging? I’m sure it happened to you to have people waiting by the cash register in supermarkets asking you, after they’ve shoved your groceries in the bag if you’d like to sponsor their personal trips, projects, or what have you. Am I supposed to feel like I should give them something because they think they saved me 30 seconds (when actually they don’t really care if the potatoes are on top of the eggs or if my bread will get squished under a carton of milk)? Well I’m not.

Am I being overly bitchy or has the standard of what is polite and normal shifted a tad in the last few years? Honestly, I have no idea, maybe it’s just a case of “it’s not you, it’s me”. All I know is that more and more often I find myself thinking “People are weird! And not in a good way.”

The space below is all yours if you feel like you’re the only normal person left on this planet.

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  • Oh boy, we’ve been going through this for ever… it’s not you, it’s THEM… honestly, all I’ve done in life is let people pass by, squish myself to the side for them to have room. One day , if I need room, I know no one will budge.

    Respect isn’t what it used to be and in the name of freedom and independence, lots are acting like ignorant selfish humans, if not straight out hoodlums. I remember a movie quote I think, someone saying “Good manners are not meant for show off, but for the people around you, to make them feel better about themselves and their life”. Manners are practically a good way to lift others’ spirits and I will never give up on them….. Hopefully everyone will realize this sooner rather than later.

  • I’m not normal but can I still comment? 😉
    Now I’m not sure about level of normalacy, but I do think people have gotten ruder over the last couple of years. I don’t even see people offering a pregnant woman to sit on the subway anymore!


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