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Why I haven’t been writing

Basically because I discovered this little gem. And because when you discover a good show like that and whoa! there’s two seasons of it, you just have to marathon it. So I did. It is hi-la-ri-ous!

My favorite character? Phil Dunphy, of course. He just blows my mind.

In nature fathers are known to eat their young. Is it because they’re delicious? No. It’s because they want to give their female – bear, giraffe, what have you, the honeymoon they never had. Just to be clear, I’m not condoning eating your kids, but I sure as heck know why giraffes do it.

You can insult a lot of things about me – my hair, my voice, my balance-board exercises – but don’t insult my selling. That crosses a line. What line? Oh, you don’t see it? That’s because I just sold it!

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  • YES! best. show. ever. my family and i quote it constantly. phil is definitely my favorite. i’ve read tons of articles and he seems like a great guy in person too. gotta love that! and on an unrelated note, i agree with all three of your complaints on the post above and i hope you feel better having written them down. sometimes you just need to get things off your chest! here’s to a fresh week with less pigeons, book reading commuters and begging teens!

  • I started watching the show, Alex, and I like it. Some people have compared it to Frasier, but I would say it’s completely different show (and not as good). However, I do love Gloria. What a great accent!


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