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Wordless olfactives

The smell of the first drops of rain on a hot day. As soon as rain water touches the hot asphalt and mixes with dirt, the most amazing smell floods the air. It cannot be put into words, but to me, it brings memories of childhood in my home town when the summer wind would blow apart the curtains and announce an upcoming storm. A few minutes later, the room would get dark, and thunders would ensue. I’ve always loved thundershowers because although a massive display of forces which always makes my heart skip a beat, they bring about this feeling of serenity in knowing that I am safe. Safe in the comfort of my home, cuddled up in soft bed sheets, listening to the drip-drip-drip against the window while turning the pages of a book.

The smell of my sweetheart’s forehead. The spot where his hair ends smells divine. If he’d let me I’d spend hours taking deep breaths trying to figure out the exact covalent bonds between the molecules of his skin that create this scent. It cannot be put into words, but it’s the perfect mixture of his eau de parfum, shampoo and sweat. Powdery musk and caramel? It’s the best I can come up with. It’s the smell of closeness to the one you love.

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  • I loved this! It made me smell all of those smells and be transported to that rainy place. You are so funny how you intertwine the scientist part of you into the sweetest blog posts. Hope you have a great weekend.

  • dude, that was great.

    i too, am so attached to smells. i have lots of “childhood” smells… haha. I absolutely LURVE thunderstorms. ugh. love. them. good thing i live in the midwest cus it’s been one giant t-storm all summer.

    i want to move to seattle. desperately. the dreary rainy weather appeals to the writer in me.


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