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So, men… I’m sure all of you know one who is afraid of wearing pink. The label hipster or metrosexual definitely don’t apply to the type of guy I’m referring to. Cue that episode in Friends with Ross’ faded salmon shirt when he gets a lot of shit from Monica who keeps calling it your pink shirt. Why was that? Why do some people think that pink is incompatible with the Y chromosome? Probably from the decades-old tradition of putting pink ribbons in little girls’ hair and keeping the blue for the baby boys.

Regardless… Don’t you find it a bit unfair to deprive men of an entire color just because somebody arbitrarily (probably) decided it is to be associated with princesses and unicorns and sparkles and tutus? Plus, especially for darker complexion men all pastel colors, including pink, are so becoming (an expression nobody has ever used possibly since the Civil War). Of course, we all know the answer to the not-so-rhetorical questions above. It’s because said men are afraid pink will undermine their masculinity. And of course us women folk know that myth is busted.

My guy doesn’t have this pink phobia, which means I can go crazy and buy him shirts and ties in all Pantone shades and sub-shades, which means we’re both happy. Then again he washes his hair with Dove shampoo. Which brings me to this:

D: [jokingly, sifting through the gazillion types of Dove shampoo +/- conditioner on the drugstore shelf, not quite happy with the variety of products available] Hmmm… I’m looking for something more rugged…

Me: It’s DOVE! I’d say the ruggedness level is that of a baby chick’s fluffy feathers.

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  • Well, it’s not so much of a myth, as just a fashion rule of thumb. You can’t really rationalize fashion, and there are just certain ground rules that seem arbitrary if you do. Obviously as time passes, rules get broken and re-written all the time. For some of us, I wouldn’t say that it’s so much a phobia has it is maintaining a consistent style. George Clooney, for example, certainly has a consistent, suave style, and you wouldn’t see him wear bright yellows and pastels and pinks. That’s just not his look. But younger, paler guys can pull it off, sure.
    The nice thing about being a guy, is that our rules are rather simple and clean. For example, always make sure your belt colour matches your shoes. Or, don’t button the last button of a three-button suit. Or no notched lapels on tuxedos [that one gets broken all the time]. I partly dislike fashion because it’s vane and shallow, but I like it because of it has little fun rules like that.
    Recently, I discovered that I look GREAT in violet. My new lavender shirt looks pretty amazing on me. Who’da thunk? I do have one pink shirt (which was ordered by accident), but it just doesn’t look good on me.

  • You guys are hilarious. Hon sometimes uses my shampoo, and ever since I became a lavender-whore (I lavender EVERYTHING), hon’s also enjoying quite a bit. He has a somewhat darker complexion than mine, so aqua, purple and fuschia look great on him. Luckily he’s not afraid to wear those colours and I love him for that. Quite the contrats to my ex, Mr Manly Man who thought lavender smelled like chicks and he needed to be rugged and tough all the time. Whatever. Hon likes lavender AND football.

  • hahah! LOVE IT! Maybe he should try Old Spice? That’s pretty rugged. 😀

  • I’m all for wearing a green or orange polo once in a while! LOL. And yes, the belt always has to match the shoes. And for the guys who walk around with Mickey Mouse logos because you say it shows your sensitive side, stop fooling yourself…it just looks stupid. LOL.


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