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Our Noël

We’re staying home for the holidays, which means a lot of naps in the afternoon, experimenting with delicious food and walks around the city. Montreal didn’t get a lot of snow this year – which is fine with me, but fortunately we did see a few flurries on Christmas day.

IMG_8575 IMG_8582IMG_8588

We decorated our chubby tree (kudos to D for picking it out), roasted chestnuts and had peppermint hot chocolate.


IMG_8619 IMG_8614


IMG_8628 IMG_8609

Doesn’t the city look wonderful? Under the falling snow and a bit of fog (♥)?


Have a lovely holiday time, darlings! Stay warm and cozy.

[All pictures by me]

Comments (3)

  • You always take such magical photos. It makes me want to just jump into one of them. Absolutely love the one with the hot cocoa. Got a new lens for my camera for Christmas so I can take close ups and blur the background. So excited. I need to start experimenting with it. Sorry I haven’t been around in a while. Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  • Gorgeous photos! I hope you had a wonderful holidays!

  • Adopt me, please! Oh how lovely, especially the chubby tree. Happy Holidays to you guys :-). Greetings from NYC


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