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Fall in Montréal


I was never a big fan of fall, I think because I always associated it with the end of the summer vacation and return to school.

Peony season

pink peony

I always have difficulties answering when someone asks me what my favorite flower is. I mean, how can you choose? But peonies are definitely in my top 3.

Montreal’s Café Kitsuné

Cafe Kitsune

I came across this cute little place on my way to work and after reading a little bit about it, I found out that kitsuné means little fox in Japanese.

Last summer


It snowed again in Montreal today so depression is starting to creep in.

Cardinal tea room


Stepping into this new tea room in Montreal’s Mile End is like being on the set of Downton Abbey.

Fuchsia, my favorite café in Montreal

Cafe Fuchsia

Let me tell you about this gem, hidden (sort of) on Coloniale street. I came across it in 2013 after reading about it on Christine’s Parisian blog.

Brunch at La Grand-Mère Poule

Isn’t Sunday brunch one of life’s small pleasures? We skipped it this week, but we usually wake up famished on Sunday mornings and we start debating where to go for eggs Benedict, French toast or

A winter survival guide

winter in montreal

Yet another snow storm hit Montreal the day before yesterday which means I am *this* close to LOSING IT! Above is a photo from a few days ago, from my Instagram feed.