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At night

Last week has been quite busy for me with working for an assignment and for my research work so I didn’t exactly have time to breathe let alone relax…

The only “me break” I took was on Sunday evening when we went to take some photos of the skyline.

It must have been -10 degrees C outside – so your typical Canadian temperature for this time of year – but that was the first time I experienced what it must be for those guys who are lost in the mountains in the middle of winter and have to survive before someone rescues them. I actually could not feel my toes or my fingers and I wasn’t even the one taking the pictures!

Anyway, the city looked gorgeous at night, despite the heaps of snow.

View from Dr. Penfield Street3

View from McTavish Street3

View from McTavish Street (closer to Sherbrooke Street). The church-like building is actually one of the many McGill buildings in the area.  2
Lit trees on McGill College Street100_7377

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