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A not so imaginary answering machine

Ok, so have you read my previous post? If you have, then you must know that I’ve made fun of D and his idea of having a weird-sounding answering machine.

Well it seems now that the imaginary answering machine is not that imaginary. D has been working all weekend (while I was on a shopping spree at IKEA)on this little project and it’s starting to look very promising. I’m rather impressed and needless to say D never seizes to amaze me.

Leaving that aside, he just told me that he was calling the home server from his work phone today and he got the wrong number [why doesn’t that surprise me?]. Normally the server would "pick up" and say "Welcome to Microsoft Exchange". But to D’s surprise what he heard from the other end of the line was a soft female voice saying "Oui, alo?".

Naturally D got flustered and confused and hang up without saying anything. But how cool would it have been had he asked "Hello! Am I speaking to Microsoft Exchange?".

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