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Amanda Mabro at the Montreal Jazz Festival

D and I went to the Jazz Festival (26 June – 5 July)last week. I’m really sorry we didn’t go before – I mean there are people coming from all over the US and sometimes the world (!!!) for this festival and we live 3 blocks away and didn’t manage to get our behinds out of the house!


So we went there on Saturday night and although I was not expecting to REALLY love what I’d see (since I’m not a big fan of the jazz genre) I fell in uttermost awe with Amanda Mabro.


Her voice is extremely powerful – reminding me of Ella Fitzgerald – and her songs are some sad, some playful, some very audacious.

Here’s what the Montreal Gazette wrote about Amanda:

Jazz singing doesn’t necessarily have to be all sultry, dreamy and supperclub-ish. God knows, there are plenty of vocalists out there covering that turf. Amanda Mabro is different: her songs grab you by the throat and look you in the eye with cool defiance. This is big-voiced, cabaret-influenced music with a bit of garage attitude.

This is exactly how I feel about her music. Could I be falling in love with jazz?

Here are 2 links to 2 of her songs: How long and Superwoman in the making. Go ahead and click, you might actually like her music.

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