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At the lab

A few days ago I had to go to the lab at 9pm to prepare some antibody mixes for the next day experiments. And I asked D to come with me to keep me company.

Needless to say he brought his baby (aka the Canon). And that was a very smart choice since his degree of boredom would have gone through the roof without his favorite toy.

And I had this entire thing going on in my head about D and I being bench buddies and preparing antibody mixes together. Yeah! It’s as realistic as me being a Starcraft fan!

So of course when I asked "don’t you want to label my Eppendorf tubes?" D said "hmmm… lemme think! NO!". I think it was because the very thought of being in a room where DNA and cells and RNA, not to mention lung tissue [gasp!] are being manipulated on a daily basis made him cringe.

There’s just no way of getting some people even remotely interested in genetics! Although D did show some interest in a pipette or at least the mechanics of it. So there is still hope for him! I’m not giving up!!!

Here are the pictures he took that night.

Part of the microscope


Labeled (by me) Eppendorf tubes


Bottles with more or less dangerous/lethal substances


Organizing my Eppendorfs


Keeping the antibody stash cool on ice


The art of pipetting


So D said that if he has to (and I mean absolutely has to) come to the lab with me again, there’s no way he’s leaving the house without a laptop! Go figure, I never saw that coming! 

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