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Being kids

Yesterday Dani and I went sliding on Mont Royal with some friends.
(Don’t let the name Mont Royal fool you – it’s not a mountain. It’s just a hill in the middle of Montreal).
Dani and I walked up that hill for almost 1 hour which resulted in my ending up with my lips frozen and a difficulty to pronounce sounds such as ‘p’ and ‘b’.
On this considerably long walk of ours we saw quite a lot of squirrels and Dani shared with me his attempt to feed tortilla chips to the squirrels. Try to picture my utter consternation when he said they actually WOULD NOT EAT TORTILLA CHIPS. We decided to bring some real squirrel food next time we venture up Mont Royal – for the sake of the furry things.

Once we got to the slope, to our surprise, it was just us and the 4-year olds with their parents. This alone says a lot about how mature we actually are!!!

After a few hours of sliding, a lot of snow in my boots and 10 frozen toes we grabbed a bite to eat in the nearby restaurant and headed home.

The journey home proved to be beyond any imaginable degree of fun.
When you least expected it snowballs would be flying through the air.
2008Feb03Sanius 086 
All of a sudden Dani began to fervently rummage through the snow and shout "I found gold! I found gold". I guess the words "twig" and "gold" are sort of mixed up in his head.2008Feb03Sanius 103 Adi (who was kind enough to provide these pics) was absolutely hilarious when he was doing snow butterflies and then trying to bring his feet up in the air like this (why? because he can, that’s why).
2008Feb03Sanius 099

And me? Well I guess I was just trying to act sane so that people passing by would not alert the authorities because A BUNCH OF WACKOS ARE RUNNING LOOSE IN THE STREETS! 

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