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Damn fire alarm

Our fire alarm went off today and my mind flew back to last year when I was in England and Daniel came to visit.
The house I was living in had a burglar alarm which was automatically ON after 9am when everybody in the house was supposed to be out working.
So I left to the lab that day, while Daniel was still dreaming… probably of processors, servers and network security. But little did he know that when he’d set foot outside the bedroom, the alarm would go off. [Those damn motion sensors don’t forgive anything!]

So imagine yourself in a house that’s not your own, you barely woke up, your eyes half closed, and as you want to go brush your teeth you hear this mind-blowing, siren-like sound all of a sudden.

As this peculiar incident was taking place I was at the lab, cheerfully pipetting my RNA samples.
At around 10am my supervisor comes in the lab, and while handing me a paper he had just printed he says, barely holding back a laugh:
“Is your boyfriend’s name Daniel?”
“Yeah” I say totally perplexed.
“I think you might want to take a look at this.”
That piece of paper was actually an email Daniel had written to him and it went something like this:

I’m Daniel, Alexandra’s boyfriend. Could you please tell her to contact me because the burglar alarm went off and I have no idea how to stop it.

Of course I rushed to the computer, and to my surprise I had about 3 emails from Daniel saying stuff like “Tell me what to do, the alarm won’t stop! Is there a code? A button?! HOW DO I TURN IT OFF???”, and then a final email, 1/2hr later going something like this: “Never mind, it stopped!”.

When I got home in the evening Dani blurted out the whole story: after first looking for a big, huge ON/OFF button to shut the beeping monster up, he kindly asked Google “how to disconnect an alarm” and when that failed he logged on my account on the computer and wrote an email to my supervisor.

In retrospect I guess things could have gone worse: the police might have shown up at the house with guns, sirens, semi-automatics, bazookas, lightsabers and all that trying to catch the bad guy.

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