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Phrases like "j’ai checké la boîte postale" (I checked the mail box) or "elle est très cute" (she’s very cute) are often uttered by Quebecers.

And in the conversations I have with D we often mix Romanian, English, and sometimes a bit of French and Spanish – stuff like "vamonos chica!" or "muchas gracias mi amor".

So you see, I revolve in polyglot circles. But sometimes I take it to the extreme, or the opposite of extreme – I make up new words and pronunciations.

You see, at McGill I speak mostly English all the time. And when I go to the store/restaurant I usually order in English and say a hearty merci at the end. To balance things out. That’s because the Quebec accent still has its pitfalls as far as I’m concerned and I reckon it’s better to stay on the safe side. So I don’t get to practice my French that much, you see.

That’s why one day while having a debate with D about the French participe passé I actually mispronounced the word fille (girl). That’s kindergarten level vocabulary! Instead of saying something that sounds like fee, I said something that sounds like feel. I, unconsciously committed the abominable sin of mispronouncing the ll in a French word. To the guillotine! And the worst part about it is that to me it all sounded so natural.

Another of these multi-language events gone bad was when I was talking to D about some Maths stuff. I wanted to say infiniment proche de zéro (infinitely close to zero) and what came out was infinitely proche to zero. Which again sounded VERY natural since I pronounced proche in a very American way, almost Southern-like.

And to this D replied "Your English very very bad!" with an Indian accent. Like the one Babu from Seinfeld has.

Now enjoy some pictures:

Magnolias (this spring, Montreal)


Pretty lilacs (this spring, Montreal)


HDR of an urban sunset (this fall, Romania)


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