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Imaginary answering machine

When we get a phone (whenever that is) D wants to connect it to one of the servers he so skillfully administrates so that everytime someone calls and we’re not at home we’ll get an email with the message from the caller as an mp3 attachment. Which I think is a great idea and I can only be more in awe at how smart my boyfriend actually is!

But the thing is we’d have to have to record a message for the answering machine. So here’s what D has in mind:

"Hello! You’ve reached Alexandra and D. If you want to contact D press 1…"

But he quickly gave up this idea – "Nooo, we’ll have speech recognition!"

"Hello! You’ve reached Alexandra and D. If you want to talk to Alexandra please say "Alexandra". If you’re calling you probably want to talk to Alex because of her super cool blog. She’s not home right now, but you can leave a message which she’ll receive on her super pretty laptop. If however you want technical support because you cannot access Alex’s blog or you cannot leave comments, please say "D" and leave a message after the beep. Beeeeep!"

Do you think many people would venture to call us back?


Here are some pics of lilies I took several months ago near our lab.



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