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Let’s do the magic wand

Just so you know: if you happen to be paying me a visit and Daniel says "let’s do the magic wand" just say "No". For your own good.
You see, in our apartment we have this huge thing (I don’t know the English word for it) like a huge pillow filled with polyester beads. You’re supposed to sit on it. We just call it "the Pouff".
The Pouff is quite comfy but it has a small drawback – the polyester beads rub against each other and they get electrostatically charged. So if you sit on the Pouff and then touch something metallic, well, things tend to get "sparky".
So what Daniel does to entertain our guests is to rub his hands on the Pouff, ferociously so (like in the photo) and then point his index finger towards the guest and ask "Wanna do the magic wand?".
If the poor fellow is ill advised or not thinking the matter through, he points his index finger back at Daniel.Then you hear a "Tzzzzz".
And then an "Aghhhhh!".

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