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Mushrooms, certificates and servers

These are 3 words that D is forbidden from uttering more than once a day. They were banned from his vocabulary because a while ago he said those words so many times until they made no sense at all. You know the feeling, right? Go on, say feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling! Doesn’t it sound funny now?


One day we were making a mushroom mousaka and D kept asking me "how should I cut the mushrooms?", "do you want me to wash the mushrooms?", "I like these mushrooms, don’t you like these mushrooms?", "honey, the mushrooms are done!", "should I put some salt on the mushrooms?". All this was said in a period of around 5 min. So you understand why it drove me crazy. "That’s it!" I said. "From now on, I don’t want to hear this word again. Use fungi or anything else instead!"


Another day, very early in the morning, D and his friend Y were talking. I was still sleeping. And I woke up with the sound of 1 word terribly disturbing my eardrums: certificates. You see, D was explaining Y how certificates are used in computer security. If you’re not very IT savvy, let me just clear things up: these "certificates" are not some pieces of paper with one’s name on them. They’re just some things used to authenticate someone/something on the internet… blah blah. I’m walking quite unknown grounds here, but you get the gist of it, right? So D is talking, and talking, really fast as he usually does and all I hear is certificates, blah, blah, certificate, blah, certificate, blah, blah, blah… And now whenever I hear this word I can’t restrain my laughter and whenever D utters this word, he does it not once, but several times, just to bug me, like so: "Yeah, so if you go to this webpage you can install my certificate… certificates, certificates [laugh]".


You’d reckon that a guy with 3 personal servers at home would say the word "server" a lot. And you’d be right. D gets a text message on his cell whenever one of the servers is down. And when I’m around he accompanies the text message with the phrase "the server is down!" with a seemingly authentic Texan accent. All this being said, the word server is pronounced at least half a dozen times a day, on average. The server this, the server that. I’m sure if we had a baby "server" and "baby" would be uttered at a similar rate.


If you didn’t know us and saw us smiling or laughing out of the blue when one of us says mushrooms or certificates in a strange tone of voice you’d certainly think to yourself "prepare a straightjacket, these two are a bit cuckoo". But now that I’ve told you how things stand, you know we are almost normal people ;).


Again, pics are not related, I’m just adding some color to this longer-than-usual post. They were taken a few weeks ago when we were strolling around Montreal at dusk.



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