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Navy blue in RGB

When I talk to D about colors and I say something like "I love this vanilla color" or "I want this dress in peach or aubergine" (okay, maybe I don’t use names of vegetables that often) he always looks at me with a stupefied look on his face which says "explain yourself, you have a dress or an eggplant salad?".

And don’t try to argue with me! We all know that asking a man to choose between "butter" and "champagne" as colors for wall paint is like asking them to say what came first – the chicken or the egg.

The other night D and I were talking about what colors we’d like for a couch. When I said I’d love a navy blue couch, D’s reaction was "BLEEAAAAH! Navy blue, that’s such an ugly color!" which really irritated me because navy blue is in fact one of my fave colors and I can’t have my boyfriend having his corneas burnt when he sees it. So I proceeded to investigate the matter and realized that D actually thinks that navy blue (bleumarin in French) is in fact the color of the sea, that grayish blue which obviously doesn’t speak to him chromatically 😉

So in order to remove all uncertainties in our color-related conversation D had a brilliant idea: let’s talk about colors in RGB. At this point I was already like "dude, remind me to send you a picture of me yawning!". But he’s a persistent fella’ so he got into this whole deal of saying numbers between 0 and 255 instead of hues. So instead of buying a navy blue couch I would buy a 3-12-55 one and I’d wear a 57-7-83 skirt. I just checked these in Photoshop so you can trust me! I guess the only thing at a higher level of geeky-ness would be to use hexadecimals!

Right… So we’re talking about this D is talking about this, explaining his ass off for 10 min and I’m struggling not to pass out from acute boredom. Finally he asks me "Now tell me…just so I can picture it in my head, approximately what values does your navy blue have?". And I go "Remember those uniforms we used to wear in first grade? Those were navy blue! There you go!".

Which practically drives D on the verge of insanity – "That’s why I explained for 10 min, so you can tell me it’s the color of the uniforms? ARGHHHHH!"

Disclaimer: I knew what RGB is before D so patiently explained, but I heard him out anyway…he’s just so sexy when he talks about technical stuff! 😉


Speaking of colors how gorgeous is this sunset?
[Taken in Sherbrooke, last summer]


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