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No time

My watch died today! I woke up early this morning, the sun shining brightly almost giving me a headache, looked at my watch and saw the little hand audaciously showing some point in between 3 and 4!


"Impossible!" I thought and fell back to sleep a millisecond later…

But when I REALLY woke up a couple of hours later at the sound of my "British telephone" cell phone alarm, I realized that the thingie I’ve been wearing strapped to my wrist for the last 2 years has ticked its final tick! That’s because it’s a DO NOT RESUSCITATE watch – the battery cannot be replaced.

Oh the sadness!

We went through so many special moments my watch and I… like my final exams from the last year at Uni when I cursed it for going too fast, or a three-hour wait for D in the Oxford bus station when I cursed it for moving its little hands too slow, not to mention the countless trips between the UK and France and over the Atlantic when it got dizzy from adjusting to the time difference…

And even if the leather strap is a bit very worn out, I’m still struggling with the thought of throwing it away after I replace it with a brand new, shiny Swatch.

I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe I can freeze it and after a few decades when technology is much more advanced I’ll somehow be able to bring it back from the dead! đŸ˜‰

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  • DNR???? Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I loved you watch! RIP!!!


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