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The lighthouse trail

Here is yet another post about our trip to Gaspesie. I have so many memories of those places that are just begging to be written.

One of the things I particularly liked were the lighthouses – famous or not, more or less visited, white or colorful, in wood or in stone, they were all gorgeous.

I’ve always found that when I look at pictures of lighthouses I get this warm feeling in my heart which I can best describe as ROMANTIC. I find lighthouses romantic.

Maybe it’s because of this movie I’ve seen while I was in highschool and that even now I cannot watch too much of.


Except for the obvious reason (the rugged HOTNESS personified by Mr. Gibson, doh!), there’s also the warm aura of the 1940s, the music… and of course the lighthouse!!!

So here are some of these beauties we visited.



Perce and Matane

GaspesieDay391_thumb2 GaspesieDay6116_thumb

Cap des Rosiers


Pointe-a-la-renommee and Cap de la Madeleine

GaspesieDay579_thumb2 GaspesieDay5107_thumb

La Martre


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