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The snow mobile

One of the things I love about Daniel is the fact that he gets so excited about some things, and I mean soooo excited that he seems like a five-year old sitting on Santa’s lap.
A few days ago a small tractor passed in front of our building to clear out the snow.
When he heard the noise of this small vehicle Dani almost began jumping up and down with joy, like a little kid at the sound of the icecream truck.

"Quick, quick I have to take a picture!" he said.
But before he took out the camera, put the SD card inside, the-little-tractor-that-could was out of sight.
Then little Daniel had that sad look on his face as if his puppy had just ran away from home.
"Do you think it’ll be back, honey?" he asked me.
"Sure" I said. "Let’s just leave some carrots and some cookies on a plate outside and he’ll be back, you’ll see".
Turns out the snow mobile came back the next morning and this time Daniel was ready.
As agile as a cat and with the swiftness of a trained CIA spy he took some photos: snap, snap, snap.
And then began jumping up and down with joy.


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