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The Tempest in the park

How could I not love this city?

It’s giving us Shakespeare, in the park, by the river, with amazingly good performers, for free!

We went to see a play by master Shakespeare last week. It was put together by these young actors from Repercussion Theatre. Although I would not mind to go to an old fashioned play in a theatre hall, the en air libre version of The Tempest was really delightful. It was breezy, it smelled like water (thanks to the St. Lawrence nearby) and the actors were brilliant!

I especially liked the way the actors themselves created all the background sounds(seagulls, ships crackling, wind blowing) without resorting to any "artificial" music.

The only thing I’m sorry about is the fact that I didn’t quite understand all the lines since I’m not very fluent in English from the 1500s.

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