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This is why I love you, Internet!

I recently came across the blog of a really talented guy. Serban is one of the hosts of a TV show in Romania. It’s a show for SMART PEOPLE, people who appreciate those subtle jokes about the hypocrisy and stupidity enrobing the Romanian politicians and showbiz people with 1/2 neurons in their brains. So obviously I watch this show online every chance I get. [Ok, if you didn’t get my hint, I am a SMART person!]

While reading the aforementioned blog this morning, I came across a wonderful post called "4 min of relaxation" where Serban posted this video:

If you can spare 4:29 min of your time, just watch it. It WILL put a smile on your face.

And if you want to know more on the guy in the video, check out his website.

Discovering this kind of people is what’s fueling my love affair with the Internet. Don’t tell D! He’s a bit jealous 😉

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  • The Internet knows him from way back. He’s even been on VH1’s list that basically translates to “people who would be flipping burgers at MacDonald’s were it not for me (the Internet)” back when Perez Hilton was less of an a-hole. And more of an ass, but only ’cause he’s lost weight.


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