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Waiting for spring

Today was a good day.

I slept in, although I had to go to the lab. I guess staying at 2 min from where you work does come with some benefits.

At lunch we went to a Belgian-style restaurant on St. Laurent. It’s called “Frite alors!” and they sell the best French fries I’ve ever tasted. There’s nothing special about the fries themselves – it’s the sauce they come with that hits your taste buds in the head and sends them to Taste Bud Heaven.
I had the Pistou Rosé (no idea what Pistou means) but the it had dried tomatoes, basil, and olives in it – a true delight!

When we came back from the restaurant the sun was the brightest I’ve seen it in a long time. And the way it shone on our faces, the noise of the street and aromas coming out of the crowded restaurants on St. Laurent could almost make me believe that “yeah, spring is coming, trees will be green and I won’t have to wear this winter coat anymore”. But then I remembered the weather guy said it’s going to be 20cm of snow this week.

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