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What was I saying about being kids?

I never had any Kinder chocolate eggs when I was little. I still don’t know why my parents committed this abominable crime and deprived me and my sister of such tasty treats for both the mind and the body

Now… I’m ready to forgive this little trespassing, mostly because Daniel is trying to make up for all that I’ve lost during my childhood at the Kinder chapter.
So now every time he goes grocery shopping he comes back with one Kinder egg and usually says “well, I just could not help it!”.

Then we rip apart the colored wrapping, we break the chocolate egg and overly-excited we open the yellow bubble to discover THE TREASURE!
We quickly put it together and ask each other: “so how many Chinese people do you think worked to make this little thing?”.

I guess 20 years from now instead of inviting the guests at a party to see our newest acquisition for the Picasso collection in the left wing of our library, I’ll just say “So, do you want to see my Kinder collection? I have a dinosaur that moves its head when it walks!”. It’s only a matter of taste, really.

Daniel took some pictures of some of the toys sitting on top of his guitar – cuz’, dude, they look like, soooo cool this way…




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