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Which one do you think I ate?

Last week hunny and I decided to indulge our taste buds and cook something we were craving for. Most of the times we don’t share the same taste in food so as a proof I took pictures.

The question is which one do you think I had:


steak+chips+Cheddar cheese100_6905

I think the answer is quite obvious. A man feels more like a man with an oozing piece of steak in front of him.
The funny bit is that Dani wanted to make sure I caught the salad too in the photo, just to let the world (and his liver) know that the junk food came WITH THE SALAD, which makes it less wrong.
Oh, and did I mention the orange juice? I think you agree with me on this one – the orange juice balances everything, it restores the equilibrium and brings peace to the world. [blink] [blink]

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