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Why Prague is now #1 on my list

The list of places I lo-o-ove, that is!

…because it took me completely by surprise. It was definitely not on my “cities to visit if you have $2000 to spare” list. My favorite architectural style is the gothic. And let me tell you, this place has plenty of that. Prague is called the city of 1000 spires, just look at these roof tops!


Of course the gothic-est (what? that’s a word!) are Our Lady of the Tyn cathedral and the Astronomical Clock building.


Doesn’t that last photo look really spooky? You’d almost expect bats and crows to come out of it, like in and Edgar A. Poe story. Yeeek! creepy!

[actually I think I saw bats flying around when I was walking on some rather remote streets that night! Even creepier!]

Here’s a less spooky image of the Town Square taken with a really wide lens.


Everywhere you walk in Stare Mesto, the Old Town that is, you come across narrow streets like this one, and you just can’t stop taking pictures of every single building you see.

IMG_0839 IMG_0830

As you’re walking around, don’t be surprised if you see 12th century towers sprouting up in the middle of the street.

IMG_0870 IMG_0863

If you are walking around at dusk, it’s sights like this which will probably eat up a lot of space on your memory card.


And same goes for walks well into the late hours of the evening.


Here’s a last one for the road – the Old Town Square and bare trees.


I think November is a good time to visit Prague. Even now there were lots of tourists which meant taking nice pictures of buildings was almost impossible – someone was almost always in the way between your lens and that cathedral you were aiming at and you’d more often than not have a bald head in the foreground of the image.

The reason you don’t see any baldies in these pics is because I actually woke up at 6am for the photo shoot. How’s that for extra zealous?

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  • You’ve had absolutely took me away from little town in Ontario back to my hometown City of Prague with your fabulous pictures of my favorite places that I love to visit sense I was a little girl . Your blog is lovely and so much fun to read … I really like your sense of humor .
    Thank you so much for inviting me over .


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