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You can leave your hat on

I know there are other Universities out there organizing get-togethers with the main purpose of helping students socialize and know each other a little better. But how little are we talking?

Well, McGill University took this to a totally different level – we’re organizing theme weeks and mini tutorials now, because we want McGill students to be the creme de la creme in EVERY imaginable situation.

As it turns out, a few weeks ago there was the LOVE&SEX week organized by the Student Association at McGill. Yes, you’ve heard me: LOVE&SEX. I don’t want to appear narrow-minded here but it seems to me that this social event would be more appropriate in one of the many “specialized” rendez-vous points in Place Pigalle – Paris’ Sex District – than in one of the most prestigious North American Universities. But that’s just me…

One of the main attractions of the week was a tutorial – not on how to synchronize your Microsoft Outlook calendar or how to write a journal article, but on THE BEST WAY TO TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF so as to achieve a maximum amount of drooling and the highest number of eyes popping out of their sockets.

What’s actually keeping me up at night is how this striptease workshop was organized: did they bring a professional stripper who shared her life-long experience with the eager novices?
Did they make a Power Point presentation and at the end handed printouts with the key features of the seminar (like how to unhook your bra with one hand and take off your boots with the other)?
Was there a bibliography or any references such as “Striptease for Dummies” or “10 steps to becoming a successful stripper” so that those who didn’t quite get the gist of it could practice at home?
After all, practice makes perfect…

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