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Global warming rocks!

It’s almost Christmas and it’s 10 degrees Celsius here. I LOVE IT!

This unexpected flood of sunshine has done more for my morale than all the Christmas cheerfulness and my mom’s cakes put together.

The sun today is wonderful and I think because of this unusual heat wave little green leaves are starting to appear on the scrawny tree branches. 



See how nice the blue sky looks through these bony, finger-like twigs?


Almost everything is dried up around here.


Except for these stubborn hedges in front of my building that refused to give up the fight with the cold we’ve had for the past few weeks.


Meanwhile, a few hundred kilometers away here’s how things look like:


It looks as if taken out of a fairy tale. Yes, until you feel the cold slowly chewing your little toes and sinking its claws into your butt. That’s usually the moment when I start praying for a sudden heat wave or a tub filled with hot water. Whichever comes first!

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