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Life, universe and everything

Alive, kicking and ironic!

Greetings Earthlings!

I bring good news: I am not dead!

Despite D’s extreme caution the blog was down for most of the time we were away. Which somehow proved my point that extreme caution (at lest in the IT world) can make the Universe very angry and cause more bad than good.

Among the 70 kilos we carried with us to Europe, was a portable hard-drive. Which did not contain the numbers of all the accounts we have in Switzerland or in the Cayman Islands. NO! It contained all the info we have on the servers at home: photos, my blog entries and our websites.

Why did we carry it with us?

Just as a precaution, said D, in case something happens to the servers in Montreal and we lose everything. And by something he meant a flood, a fire or the Armageddon.

While I appreciated the principle in itself and the idea of being cautious I couldn’t help but express my sarcasm, much to D’s despair: in case a fire destroys the apartment, we’ll be able to say “All the furniture, the clothes and computers are gone, but at least we can look at the pictures of when we had something to wear!”

Alas, all this whining was in vain and we ended up carrying the hard-drive with us over the Atlantic. And again, alas, this was in vain because during one of his attempts to tweak the servers from the other continent, D pushed the wrong button and all the servers from Montreal went down! Ironic, isn’t it?

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